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              No common belief, no common goal.

              Enterprise culture is the sustainable energy source of the enterprise.

              Instead of being an independent thought, it is an agreed perception among all the participants.

              Luo Lih-fen Group knows well the secret of enterprise culture: it closely bounds the individuals, stockholders,
              customers and even the whole society. Enterprise culture drives all the people to make joint efforts and
              march forward for the common goal!

              Group Vision

                  Create a pioneer brand in beauty, cosmetics and healthcare industries, transform itself into a high-tech
              internationalized and professional beauty career kingdom through technological innovation and make
              perfection more perfect.

              Group Mission

                  Devote itself to improving international competitiveness of beauty, cosmetics, and healthcare industries
              in China; continue to contribute to the beauty life of all the Chinese around the globe; strive to enhance the
              physical and spiritual happiness of the employees and make contribution to social progress.

              In face of the customers:

                  Adhere to the concept of “elegance, high-tech, innovation, nature, quality”; stick to the focus on the
              current and potential demands of the customers; provide safe, natural, and quality beauty products and
              service to the customers through continuous innovation and making perfection more perfect; continue to
              improve the industrial ecology and spread health and beauty concepts; share the elegance and beauty
              culture with the customers.

              In face of the partners:

                  Establish long-term and stable partnership with the partners (including suppliers, distributors, scientific
              research institutions and beauty salons), form a community of shared interests, and continue to practice
              win-win strategy with partners. 

              In face of the stockholders:

                  The group is highly responsibility for all the stockholders. It will continue to improve operation and
              management skills, reduce operational risk, seek for sustainable development, strive for reasonable steady
              and long-term return for the stockholders, and share the group’s long-term development results with

              In face of the employees:

                  The group fully respects the rights and benefits of the employees, provides the platform and growth
              space for employees and make them develop with the enterprise.

              In face of the society:

                  The group actively fulfills the duties of enterprise citizen, focuses on environmental protection, pays back
              to the general public, and works hard to set a moral example as a large and responsible enterprise.

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