In light of the growing trend at home and abroad as well as the company’s sustainable development strategy, Luo Lih-fen Holding continues to concentrate on the stakeholders’ major concerns and build up transparent and effective multidirectional communication channels. 

未標題-2-01.jpgStakeholders’ concerns and communication channels are as follows:


Concerned topics

Channels for communication


Human rights

Communication and concern for employees

Salaries and benefits for employees

Career development and educational training

Working environment and safety

Friendly working environment

Diverse channels for communication

Labor union for employees

Educational training

Channels for complaint

Company website/service mailbox


Customer service

Customers’ privacy

Stable quality

After-sales service

Company management

Safe production situations concerned with Safety circumstances in the park area.

Phone calls, emails

Business interview on Customers’ end

Customer service processing

Enterprise website/service mailbox


Operation strategy and development

Continue to have sustainable development and govern the situation

Focus on the performance in management 

integrity operation 

Company governance

Adhere to laws and regulations

Shareholder meetings (once a year)

Board of directors

Legal person orientation meeting

Public information websites

Enterprise website/service mailbox


Supplier management

Operation with sincerity.

adhere to international standards 

Quality and price of raw materials

forbidden and restricted materials  management

Fair competition

Phone calls and emails

Factory visiting activities

Purchase contract

Supplier evaluation

Enterprise website/service mailbox

Communities / NGO

Environment management

Environmental protection education

Job opportunity

Community feedback

External communication window

Community participation and interview

Be concerned with the poor in community

Enterprise website

Government agencies

Human rights

Follow the regulations

Environment management

Company management

Working environment and safety

Integrity management

Fair transaction

All-round care and benefits for employees

Phone calls and emails

official document 

Propaganda Meeting for laws and regulations

Hold some meetings for presenting your opinions.

Relevant meetings held by main management depart

Enterprise website/service mailbox


未標題-2-01.jpgStakeholder Information

Service Agency

SinoPac Securities (Asia) Limited, Stock Affair Agency

Address: Third Floor, No. 17, Bo’ai Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City 100

Tel: +886-2-2381-6288



If you have any questions as to the stakeholders, please contact 



Spokesman of the Company: Lin Yijun, Assistant of Chairman

Tel: +886-2-8773- 9269


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