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            • Year 2018

            • Year 2017

              In 2017, the company focused on management standardization and strived to go public.

              The company received the title of “Top Taxpayer of the year 2016”. 

            • Year 2016

              In the new thirty-year journey, the company returned to Taiwan and launched the campaign of going public. 
              In 2016, Luo Lih-fen Group launched the “Whole New World” campaign.

              The company received the tile of “Top Taxpayer of the year 2015”.

              The company received the qualification for “Employment and Internship Base for College Graduates in Zhangzhou”.

              The company cooperated with the fashion group, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

              President Luo Lih-fen was appointed “the third president of ILF Foundation International Leadership Association”

              The trademark of SUNLILY was awarded “Famous Trademark of Fujian Province”.

            • Year 2015

              In 2015, the company made remarkable contributions and glories.

              President Luo Lih-fen was awarded “Silver Shield” by the White House.

              DRAISE came into being.

              The company received the title of “Top Taxpayer of the year 2014”, and became the key backup enterprise to be listed.

              The company received the title of “Famous Trademark of Fujian Province”.

            • Year 2014

              In 2014, the company enhanced its competitiveness and won a great many honors.

              President Luo Lih-fen was awarded “Global Pioneer” by International Leadership Foundation (ILF).

              The company received the title of “Top Taxpayer of the year 2013” and the title of “Technological Innovation Center in Zhangzhou”.

            • Year 2013

              In 2013, the company embarked on an international journey.

              President Luo Lih-fen had an interview by Yang Lan, which was popular among the beauty industry.

              President Luo Lih-fen received the“special award for Chinese Americans” by the White House.

            • Year 2009

              In 2009, the company launched the cooperation with colleges and universities. 

              It worked with Eastern Liaodong University in the building of “Luo Lih-fen Image and Health Management School”.

              It also worked with other colleges and universities.

              The company initiated the practice of education in coalition between beauty companies and colleges as well as universities, which in turn enhanced its marketing performance. 

            • Year 2008

              In 2008, the brand decided to speed up the development.

              The brand of SUNLILY came into existence, and its products began to enter the market.

            • Year 2006 - Year 2007

              In 2006 and 2007, there was a great breakthrough in market and production, and perseverance brings about magnificent transformation.

              There were over 20 distributors in provincial and municipal level; the production base in Zhangzhou, Fujian Province was completed; the production plant of Jiawenli Cosmetics Co., Ltd. was relocated from Xiamen to Zhangzhou Taiwanese Investment Area.

            • Year 2004 - Year 2005

              In 2004 and 2005, the company focused on the operation of the brand and market competition.

              The brand of GLINGLUO came into existence; Brand Franchise was launched; the company embarks on a new journey of beauty industry

            • Year 2002

              In 2002, Ms. Luo Lih-fen’s beauty career expanded into mainland China.

              Jiawenli Cosmetics Co., Ltd. was established in Xiamen with a production
              plant in mainland China.

            • Year 1986

              In 1986, a miracle was derived from a dream.
              Ms. Luo Lih-fen founded her first beauty and body company in Taiwan.
            • Wonderful is still going on……

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